“Haley is a very thorough researcher. She leaves no stone unturned and has helped me tremendously by ensuring I’m telling the FULL story. I am always confident that when I receive her research and outline that it will provide all of the information available. She has incredible ethics and integrity when it comes to the work she produces. I would recommend her 20/10.” – Lanie, True Crime Fan Club

“Haley is the best thing to ever happen to me! I was floundering under my workload, on the edge of total burnout, and desperately needed some help. Haley was recommended to me as a researcher and I’ve never looked back. She is fast, SUPER accurate, and thorough. I love the way she presents the information – she knows what my writing style is and presents her research in a way that makes it super easy for me to turn into a script. Not only that, but she’s always wanting to improve on her service. I wish I had have known about her earlier.” – Kristi, Canadian True Crime

“Haley Gray’s work is phenomenal. Her work is thorough and she’s always professional. I can’t recommend her enough.” – Justin, Obscura: A True Crime Podcast

“I’ve been professionally writing and researching for twenty years, and Haley Gray is the finest research assistant I’ve come across. Haley delivers organized, thorough, and detailed research on any topic—no matter how obscure—you throw at her, and I trust her to work on the tougher, more complex cases that require high-level critical thinking and analytical skill.” – Laurah Norton, The Fall Lineprincipal senior lecturer, GSU

“Haley is my #1 go-to research assistant. She is efficient & I can trust her to find the right sources and only deliver research I can rely on. Recently, I threw something unexpected & left of field at her and she delivered above and beyond.” – Anna Priestland, research and writer

“I love working with Haley Gray! Her research is detailed, and she provides context to the information and not just a list of facts. Trust me, that’s an eye for detail that is hard to find elsewhere. I don’t even know how I made my show without her help!” – Charlie Worroll, research and writer of many shows, host of Crimelines