Research for The Murder of Rose Larner

Rosie was an active and spirited teenager, just 18 years old at the time of her murder.

Research for The Crimes of Noel Winters

In 1984, human remains were found in garbage bags in a dump in New Brunswick. The story that would unravel would shock locals and leave a lasting legacy.

Research and writing for Irene Katuran

A woman breaks up with her boyfriend. A month later, she files for a restraining order after her ex strangles her. Not long after, she is found brutally murdered in her bathroom – she’d been stabbed more than 34 times and sustained multiple blunt force injuries. A manhunt for her ex-boyfriend ensues, and he is arrested weeks later – 1,200 miles from home. He claims insanity at trial, but the jury doesn’t believe him. He’s sentenced to death. In episode 173, Jac, Alexis, and Billy explore the murder of Irene Katuran at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, David Gulbrandson.

Research for The Murder of Adrienne Shelly

This week we are discussing the murder of a talented writer, director and actress just days before her film was chosen to be featured at Cannes Film Festival.

Research for The I-70/I-35 Killer

A killer with a unique gun stalked an interstate between three different states–picking at least six victims. There is a possible link to three other murders in a fourth state. The victimology is similar, but a different gun(s) is used. Authorities have uncovered no motive nor the identity of the I-70/I-35 Killer after almost 30 years.

Research for Georgia Episode 311: Challenge Practice

On today’s episode, Karen covers the murder of Charles de Young and Georgia covers the mysterious locked-room murder of Greg Fleniken.

Research for Georgia’s First “No Body” Conviction: The Murder of Shannon Melendi

On March 26,1994, 19 year old Shannon Melendi went on her lunch break – she had been working as the scorekeeper at the Softball Country Club of Atlanta. But Shannon never returned from break, and she was never seen again. Law enforcement treated her disappearance as a runaway and if some high powered politicians hadn’t gotten involved, Shannon’s killer would never have been brought to justice.